Emperor Liang Repentance Service


Mahayana Temple Retreat is going to hold a 7-day Emperor Liang Repentance service for devotees to pray for the country’s disaster relief and transferring merits to people for safety and auspiciousness, to grow wisdom and to help the deceased to be reborn into Pure Land. Please come and join this grand event. We offer transportation and accomodation during this service.

“Emperor Liang’s Repentance Service” (梁皇寶懺), originally named as “Dharma Hall of Compassion Repentance Ritual” (慈悲道場懺法), is a ritual of repentance, eliminating calamities, and delivering the deceased. 

According to legend, the Emperor Liang instituted the ritual for delivering his deceased wife, Empress Chi, who was reborn as a python after her death. He invited eminent monks to hold Dharma assemblies to practice repentance rituals for her. With the powerful merits of this ritual, she was then reborn as a heavenly being. 

The repentance chants have been passed down through generations thereafter as the most voluminous repentance text. 

In fact, the Emperor Liang’s Repentance Services teaches that all beings can attain perfect enlightenment through the practice of sincere repentance, taking the three refuges, making aspirations and transferring merits.

(Source: Dharmadrum)

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8:30am - 5:30pm


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